Three Facts to Know About Auto Shows

Auto shows, also known as car shows, are public exhibitions of the latest automobile models, which may include out-of-production classics and concept cars. A majority of the attendees usually comprises of dealers, industry representatives, car enthusiasts, and journalists. Below are a few interesting facts about auto shows for you to know.

You Can Buy a Car From an Auto Show

In the majority of auto shows, it is possible to purchase a car which grabs your interest. Many of the dealers usually participate in the shows to try to boost their sales. However, there might be a few cars which are there just for the show and are not for sale. These include concept cars and unique racecars. Typically, such vehicles are set on an inaccessible platform where only one authorised person is allowed to handle them.

Major Auto Shows Usually Have Press Days

For a majority of the leading auto shows around the world, the first one or two days are aimed at attracting as much press as possible. It is during this time that grand unveilings and debuts of new models typically take place. After the press days are over, the show will continue to run for a given number of days, when anyone who has an interest in the show can attend.

The “Big Five” Are the Most Prestigious Auto Shows

There are numerous car shows, which happen at different times of the year and in different countries. However, there are five shows which are considered to be the most prestigious and among the most prominent auto shows in the world. They are held in Geneva, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Detroit, and Paris. They regularly feature car brands and models from all over the world and are referred to as the “Big Five.” The Frankfurt and Geneva shows are held once in every two years, while the rest are held annually.